My Time to Rant

9c5f9398b6b678d5e263e360c75f993fI have given up watching the news, not sure if I ever will again. Between the reports of crimes against humanity, crimes against disadvantaged persons, crimes against children, crimes against animals, crimes against nature and my list continues. Why oh why are we allowing these things to happen?

I have grown to learn that we do not have a justice system, we have a legal system. I have learned that in Canada a life sentence is not. I have learned there are not enough people to oversee criminals once they are released from prison, mental health institutions, put on probation or parole. Just why?

If anyone speaks out against the injustices we see or the calibre of media output, we get branded as red neck, bigoted, having a secret agenda, or any number of things that are defamatory, quickly becomes the target we live under.

Many people don’t speak out about anything because they do not want to be signalled out in a negative light. Living in a small rural community the pressure to go with the status quo is expected and for the most part these values are part of the most hated group in Canada now, Caucasian, Christian, Albertan, and English speaking.  Men bear the added burden of their gender.

Time for the pendulum to swing to centre, stop the insanity and make people accountable for their actions and choices. Now is the time to realize that consequences can also be very positive.



Global Change

It is not a secret the climate has been delivering some interesting and strange weather to many areas on our planet. Record rainfalls, flooding, mudslides, extreme heat, drought, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, raging forest fires and so much more. With political will changing and climate accords being ignored what are we left to do? Await an impending demise?

On  global scale I believed we could save our planet by planting more trees, growing home gardens, encouraging farmers not to use chemicals but return to crop rotations and natural fertilizers on their fields.  The family farm is no more for the most part.   Farming is now big corporations contracting to ensure commercially viable options for our food production. Chemical companies by default then become our food suppliers. Scary thought. How could chemical additives and genetically modifying seeds for crops be a healthy alternative to their organic counterpart?

On a small scale, we have planted ‘food’ trees and have vegetable gardens as well as flowers to feed the bees, butterflies and birds in this area.  Evergreen trees have been planted for wind breaks and weather protection as well as offering a safe home for birds and some small critters.  We actively chose organic products when they are available to us and have found a an organic, family run farm to buy our eggs. We only buy wild salmon and avoid farm fish. We do not immerse ourselves into the latest food fads and do not believe one product is the cure all for everything.

When we do buy meat and poultry products we try to get organic or at the very least have not been raised on meat by-products in their food.  Small steps but important ones as food supplies and availability can be compro10703932_10152237731467271_5846619980639634150_nmised by world markets.

These are not big steps by any means but they are at least a step forward to helping us stay connected to nature and living as naturally as possible. The consumer can vote for change with their wallet, supporting business with ethical practices and locally produced.

When the world seems to be spiralling out of control we can take our power back in the choices we make with our spending and living habits.








Time Travel

The speed with which time is passing must be controlled by some unseen force that enjoys making life challenging at times. Summer is a very busy time for me but thanks to time travel I suddenly find myself living the same day over and over; I offer as evidence that I am about 2 months behind in where I should be by this time on the calendar.  I have chores for the summer that include food preservation for the coming fall and winter. These include making jams, jellies, pickles, and canning our fruits and vegetables.  The only thing I have accomplished is dehydrating but that’s only because I forgot to bring in the herbs I had picked one evening and the hot sun managed to dehydrate them without using the electric one we had purchased some years ago.

My other big chore when summer is deep cleaning our home before holiday season is upon us. Time travel somehow managed to ensure I had to do this task much earlier than I wanted.   This is how that unknown force behind time travel went back three days that saw one of our cats bring in a live mouse. Sadly, it did not survive nor did it show itself anywhere. The stench of rotting rodent became very strong and disagreeable. Living in rural Canada, rodents are not a rarity in most homes, most do not have the benefit of feline assistance however.  I searched everywhere, following my nose, but it eluded me. Nothing left to do but pull everything apart and search. still I could find nothing. There is some sage advice out there that says to follow your nose, which I did. Still no resolution. Not a corpse to be found.

There was nothing left to clean, wash or disinfect. Nothing remained untouched.  Life had to go on in spite of my best efforts.  As a way to compensate for the madness that had taken over I made my husband’s favourite supper.  Soon enough, we had eaten our meal, ate our desserts and drank our tea cups dry.  Time to do the dishes, I blame time travel, but the time had come, I couldn’t delay any longer; time to do the dishes.  I am fortunate enough to have a portable dishwasher to help me with this chore and I began to wrestle it to the sink.

As I moved it out wrestled it to the sink, our marmalade cat hopped up on the top for his favourite time, riding the dishwasher. I think that must be the kitty’s idea of time travel, going from one place to another without any concept of how short a distance it actually is. I have no idea when he decided it was  something he loves to do.  The little bit of moving the great, white beast and the smell got even worse.  I shook the great, white beast once again and sure enough, out falls a rodent carcass. It had been hiding in the  insulation around the motor of.  I think it likely had a heart attack while feeling safe in this makeshift nest but the constant attention of three cats was likely the culprit. I removed the carcass, sadly I have had a lot of experience with this but they are usually a fresh kill, then proceeded to clean everything with bleach water and Lysol spray.

The silver lining, the cleaning is done and I have free time coming up this fall. This time I got one on the power behind the time travel, I’m done my heavy fall work. As a matter of note, the pet door is now sealed and I let the DRC’s (dirty rotten cats) in and out through our screen door. My little way of being in charge of what comes in and out of our home.

By the way, the house smells clean and fresh with a tingle of citrus.


More Hours Required

vintage tipsLooking at my to – do list I have realized I need at least 6 more hours in my day to just get caught up. I am suffering from that nasty spring cleaning bug and my expectations greatly exceed my ability. Great ideas come to me, usually when I am trying to get to sleep. No shortage of ideas but a significant lack of ability.   I wish my children lived close by so they could come in and we could have a cleaning bee at each others homes. I have never figured out doing someonoe else’s dishes is more enjoyable than doing my own. This applies to laundry as well.

I check my email once a day, I check my Facebook every day, one time only so that doesn’t capitalize on my time. Then one day, I discovered Pinterest.  I don’t think there is anything left for me to Pin. I finally decided I would dust my books, one at a time and while I have it down from the bookcase I read or re-read to help me decide if I should keep it or put it in the gargage sale (the one I have planned for three years).



My husband was taken to hospital by ambulance in critical condition about 2 weeks ago. Fortunately he is upgraded to serious but stable condition. His absence from our home and the responsibilities that he took care of have fallen to me by default. I am finally getting into a rhythm but I sure miss having someone here to share meals, chores, conversation, and yes, daily, weekly and monthly chores.

With no one here to cook for, toast and peanut butter counts as a hot meal. I find I use paper towels for plates and my go cup is continually filled with cold beverages that I prefer. I am beginning to understand why some people do not thrive on their own and I seem to be one of them.

I have always had someone to look after and enjoy taking care of people. I do miss my days as a nurse, but again I was able to look after someone.  In all that I do I have apparently not learned much about self care. What is it? What do I need to do? Does it cost a lot? Why should I if no one is around for me to care for?

My college attending grand daughter spent the weekend with me and I was over the moon happy to be cooking, doing her laundry, being an ear for her to open up and a ‘sage’ to offer her advice when it was asked for. Mostly I listened.

I have realized I might very well be on my own again in the not so distant future. I hate to even think about it and even harder to admit, but this has been a good test of what I will have to do then. I would advise anyone to start with self care so they can be able to care for others.

When I go visit hubby again tomorrow I will make a fuss and try to encourage and cheer him. That is my nature. I have also decided to seek some professional mental health help as well, step 1 in my self care journey.

I have my cat lady starter kit well in hand, done all the banking and business of the house, and am studying a program of specialty diets that will meet the requirement of my hubby’s needs. It can be hard to marry the heart to the head but my new union of same starts tomorrow.

Time for a new perspective.    995350_992045704175770_8448422194926653346_n



51xw909pyml__sx258_bo1204203200_Christmas Day, 2016, has come and gone. All the weeks of anticipation, shopping, food planning and preparation, writing and sending out Christmas cards, presents wrapped, and secrets whispered to Santa Claus, are some of the traditions of this celebration.

I am always amused when I hear people speak of the charm of an old fashioned Christmas because I was born early enough, and poor enough, to appreciate what an old fashioned Christmas really is. If we had to put the forethought and preparation into it, Christmas would under go a speedy metamorphosis that would give a picture more reminiscent of life in the late 1940’s through to the 1990’s of that nostalgic old fashioned Christmas. I am thankful I don’t have to raise a turkey, then, when the time is right, chop off it’s head, clean it out and pick off it’s feathers.  The same applies to geese or any other fowl, whether tame or wild .  I appreciate the opportunity to purchase a turkey that has been flash frozen and sealed in plastic for my protection. About the only old fashioned thing about my Christmas turkey is the stuffing.

I still make stuffing the way my mother taught me and she learned from her mother and so on down through the generations.  I still use the same ingredients and method and like it enough to shove my hand, full of the uncooked dressing, through the bottom end of the bird and stuff it’s hollowed out carcass until it is ready to fall out the other end.

Just imagine the gifts; I do not embroider hankies for my daughters, they use disposable tissues. I do not knit socks for my husband or son, as they are quite content to grab a package of 10 pair for $4.99 or other ‘bargain bin’ find.

Gift buying had it’s limits. Debt was not even considered at an old fashioned Christmas, this is one tradition that needs to be reintroduced.  Our family tradition is ‘three gifts for each one because Jesus got three gifts from the Wise Men.’ I am finding the new guidelines of four things for each, one thing they want, one thing they need, a book and one thing to do, an excellent guideline as well, and it helps budgets because it sets limits. .

The dream of an old fashioned Christmas can still be built into our memories when the TV and electronics are turned off and activities are carried out instead. Things like board games, cards, skating, tobogganing, and talking,  are enjoyed instead. It is about time together, shared experiences and a lot of laughter that create those memories that we will remember as an old fashioned Christmas.



I wrote a post about Christmas and how it is celebrated by different people and customs. I got a message that the author felt they must tell me that it all evolved from imageszyixe3hoa pagan festival. The celebration of light returning was an excellent teaching opportunity for the church. In Christian faith the light coming into the world is Jesus, from whom we gain salvation in the world darkened by sin. Most people of that time were illiterate and very superstitious so why not use this time of year to turn a pagan festival into one that teaches how Christ is the light of the Christian faith.  Who cares when the “real” birthdate of Jesus was? It really does not matter, the lesson in hope and salvation was made in a time when people could ‘see’ the light and ‘see’ the escape from darkness (ignorance).