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I attended my first Robbie Burns dinner and watched the pomp and circumstance around the haggis.  I am so glad I researched the dinner before I attended so I was not completely out of place.  It was great fun and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

The haggis I ate was okay.  I think some ketchup might have helped it but all in all, not entirely unpleasant.  The Pipes & Drums of the R.C.M.P. performed and I heard some very nice bagpipe music.  There were even a couple of melodies that I did not recognize and it was wonderful to hear the compositions. 

Next year I hope to attend again; though I might find something a wee bit Scottish as this lass had a great time.


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Little Things

With the rush of our modern lives, how many of us really stop to notice and appreciate the little things.  Do we really stop and notice them at all or have they become the background noise of everyday life?  Little things include seeing your neglected houseplant has blossoms on it, the perfume of a lilac bush under an open window, the buzz of a bee flying from one bloom to the next or the taste of butter melting into the crevices of our toast.

I use my ‘good’ china cups and saucers for my tea or my newly purchased chintz Royal Doulton mug.  I love using Christmas themed dishes at that time of the year, I enjoy putting ornamental gourds into baskets for my Thanksgiving table.  My iced tea glasses are in full use during the hot days of summer.  These are the little things.

Little things enrich us, renew us and at times, delight us. 

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Solid Flooding

Watching the news I have seen many countries dealing with severe flooding, and I am thinking of friends in Australia.  We are experiencing it on the prairies as well; though our flooding is solid, white in colour and can be moved with a shovel. 

– 33 degrees,  30 inches of snow and it has been snowing for 9 days in a row and from the forecast we get another 3 to look forward to.

Stay safe, have your emergency kits available and ready, shelter in place if you can.  Excuse me now, I really need a cup of tea.

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For 2 New Year’s in a row, I have had the opportunity to support Plumbers in my fair city.  This year, it skipped me and went to my neighbours.  I don’t mean to sound gleeful at some one else’s hardship, but I am so grateful it wasn’t me this year.

New Year’s dawned in 2009 and I returned to blocked sewers.  It took a journey man and his apprentice 2 days at triple time, to take apart all the plumbing, many nearly inaudile curses but they managed to get them working at full function again.

Fast forward to New Years Eve of 2009 and my home flooded, ever so discreetly as a connecting hose from the hot water tank developed a crack, and misted hot water into the walls, floors and when they were saturated found a new path through the pantry, down the hall to the kitchen and of course the carpet in my bedroom served as a great soaker.  Again, it took a journeyman plumber 2 days to fix the problem and replace the hoses.  I had to call the insurance company who sent the disaster clean up team to my home on the first day of 2010, to remove all damaged, saturated, and destroyed articles from it. 

2011 came with no problems!  I could hardly believe my good fortune, maybe it was because I had a plumber and an electrician come out while it was still warm this fall, to check all the lines and do any preventative maintenance that had to be done. 

There was a knock at my door tonight as my neighbour came to get a bucket of water, it seems their water runs for a bit after the pipes are warmed up but quits as soon as the warmth is gone.  I also gave them a can of gel heat, maybe it will help. 

So as much as I am very glad it is not me, it just isn’t in me to delight in their misery.  Grateful has an entire new depth of meaning for me, this year I am grateful.

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Brain Frenzy

Notice I said brain frenzy, not brain fried or freeze?  Ever since I put Christmas decorations, stuff and nonsense away for the year, I find my place to be in need of a good clean up.  Not that the place is dirty or anything, it’s just my desire to change things up around here.  I think I’ll go with red and mossy green or pink and light green or surprise everyone and go with yellow and blue.  I always imagine my decorating projects to be worthy of any glossy magazine spread though the sad reality is these ‘visions’ never come to fruition.  If I was as creative as my thinking believes I am, I would be the Canadian version of Martha Stewart; which of course I am not. (I could be better with her income but that’s our secret).

Now, where did I put that paint chip and wallpaper sample?  This room is going to look fantastic….

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This week my glass if half full of snow on the rocks.  My driveway is full of the same mix.  Watching the weather forecast on a local channel, a featured story is the wild weather around the globe.  Fortunately I am a Canadian prairie girl so the worse the weather gets, the hardier I believe myself to be. 

Time for some hot chocolate and a romantic comedy to finish my day.  Life is good, embrace it.

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The announcer said, “Worst weather since 1966,” which only made me think he was born way after that year and had not really had anything to check his facts against.  My fact checker for today consisted of, wait for it, common sense.  I could not see across the road, I could only see a huge drift of snow where my car was last parked, and I felt the sting of the cold air and the biting wind on my face.  My second fact checker, experience. 

Where did the winter days of hoping for snow storms go?  Those rare and hoped for snow days and no school.  A day when our home was filled with the delicious aromas of baked treats and roasted meals.  The best of these days included big bowls of popcorn and a cup of hot chocolate as we spent the day playing in the front room.  Before bed we ate a of porridge to keep us warm from the inside out.   

Tonight, I will enjoy a steaming mug of hot chocolate and before I go to bed tonight, I am going to have a bowl oatmeal.

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