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Whoa Winter

We have been teased with above freezing temperatures and we have had bone chilling cold.  Personally, I prefer the above freezing temperatures, especially once the new year celebrations are over. 

Christmas just wouldn’t seem right to me with out snow, the lovely Christmas card snow, the snow that magically falls on Christmas Eve on every Christmas movie with a happy ending. 

Snow can be light and fluffy, it can be small, hard pellets that hurt when they fly, it can be crunchy or slushy underfoot; snow can be light and it can be heavy.  Snow can be blinding and it can be a ton of fun with toboggans, skis, boards and snow mobiles.  It can get your vehicle stuck, it has to be shovelled, it can be sculpted, it can be fun to make tracks in. 

No matter all the variety it can offer, winter has over-stayed its welcome around me; I am more than ready to see if March comes in like a lion or a lamb.  There will be one more severe snowstorm, trapping livestock, closing schools and blocking some major roadways. 

Winter is just too much right now, I need a snow day.  Oops, did I write that?

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Where is home?  Some will give a location, others will say it is where the heart is.  I think it is where the heart is.  A home can be a one room shanty or an extravagant country house with all the amenities and out buildings one could ever imagine.  For me, wherever my heart yearns to be is where home is for me. 

Then there are those that say, “You can never go home again.”  To them I say, I never left it.  Home is more than a physical place, it is memories, it is family, it is love.

To bad for those that do not see how much ‘home’ I have in my heart. 

Home lives in all of us.

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