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Broken Butt

Yup, pretty much sums it all up.  Stepped down with my left foot (figures it would be a movie title) and my man-made knee did not do what it was supposed to, my leg collapsed and so did I.  Down some stairs and was hit with a searing pain that was so bad it took my breath away.  Now I have asphyxiation and out of control pain to deal with.  Maybe all that breathing I learned in Lamaze might help (such is the panic of my brain) and I concentrated on trying to breathe.  After a few attempts I was able to breathe but in truth it was more like gulps of air and I didn’t want to let any of it go because on each exhale the pain level shot right off the charts. 

A doctor visit and narcotic analgesic got the diagnosis and the treatment.  I forgot to add, he told me it would get worse before it got better and I concur because it is now 8 days and I still don’t feel any relief. 

I babysit a wonderful little 4-year-old and he thinks it’s hilarious his babysitter has a broken butt!

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Some friends become more precious than gold.  Some of my friends have become friend sisters to me.  I had the remarkable good fortune to run into my ‘sister’ today; she was coming into the supermarket as I was leaving.  What a happy event it was for me.  My heart lightened to see her again and I continue to smile as we have so much shared between us that we can’t afford not to be friends! 

Some of you know exactly what I am talking about with these kinds of forever friends.  This is a friend that I do not see or talk to for a long period of time and yet when we see each other we can pick up where we left off.  This is not to say our conversations pick up from the last sentence uttered to one another but to a deeper understanding between each other learned over countless cups of tea, tears, tissues, fun and adventure.  These are the friends that know what our deepest wishes and darkest fears are; these are the friends that care and hold us in their hearts and not in any daytimer or calendar. 

A friend sister is who you can laugh with, cry with, love and understand. 

This my friend sister is for you, thank you for being my chosen sister.

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