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A fresh start is good for the soul, it refreshes and invigorates, it allows us to be true to our authentic selves.  No one is ever too old to enjoy the opportunity to change their life course, to change their attitude, to change their outlook.  My move went without incident and everything arrived safe and sound, including the kitties. 

With a fresh beginning it gives me an opportunity to examine everything I have collected, saved or made; to say nothing of all the things that found their way into my home from assorted relatives and friends.  As I handle each one while finding it a place I have found that most of the things have a sentimental attachment more than a practical one.  With a fresh start I find I do not need to hang onto the past to embrace the present.  The future is yet to come with all the hope that is assured of new beginnings.  Things that hold no practical purpose are gently being donated for someone else to enjoy now. 

Fresh starts happen every moment, seize yours when you need to and live life fully and happily. 


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           Busy packing and preparing to move is occupying my days now.  This is no ordinary move however, this moved involves moving my house to a new location with me.  I have managed to sell my living room furniture and am donating my kitchen table and chairs, as well as many of the perennials and landscaping bushes I have nurtured through a few years.  I have some that are coming with me as well.

     I am very fortunate to have a dear friend familiar with moving buildings and all that should  be  done for the best possible outcome and the least amount of collateral damage.  Wrapping and packing items, removing pictures and mirrors, putting tall furniture flat on the floor and then there are all the books that I have that waiting to be harnessed for the move.  As I said, no ordinary move.

     There is a great deal of work yet to do but there is also great anticipation of new experiences and adventures to come.  I already have my new paint colours picked out and I am flirting with the notion of wallpaper; my garden will be in containers this year.  I am already having new adventures with so much to look forward to. 

     It is just as easy to keep the glass half full as it is to keep it half empty.  I am keeping mine half full and enjoying every moment of this wonderful experience.  I would invite you to do it too! 




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