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    Landscaping is a thoughtful process, deciding what trees are to be planted and where they should go; starting a new perennial garden bed, the vegetable garden and of course the berry patch.  After first drawing out a plan on paper, it looked as though this was going to be a snap. 

All was well until the discovery of another tree that for whatever reason was forgotten on the drawn plan, the large size of it made it even more of a challenging as the other trees and bushes had  to be moved to different locations to accommodate the forgotten one and ensuring there would be room for them all to grow and get much bigger.  Final result, still one evergreen bush that still does not have a home.

The rest of the gardens will have to wait another day or so as the rain started after the last tree (that were accounted for and worked in) was planted.  The rain is a good soaking one so this will be of a huge benefit to them as the roots spread and take hold. 

Thanks to Him who did all the heavy work, made garden boxes that will allow me to garden without having to bend down so far. 


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