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What will the Weather be for Easter?


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Easter weekend is upon us and we get to travel to visit the kids and see the little grand children. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and watching the little ones play. It will be fun colouring Easter eggs with them, a nice memory and a reminder of when my kids were young.  “Pomppa” and I plan on enjoying every moment because as experience has taught us, time is all too fleeting.

I love Easter because it is the very basis of our Christian faith. What a wonderful and hopeful time of year.

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The calendar says it’s spring, the snow and wind say, “Not yet.” I have cabin fever, planning my garden and landscaping the yard many times over in my imagination.  It be great to get outside and start digging in the dirt and readying the flower beds for spring bulbs.  I managed to increase my houseplant collection to help ease the pangs of wanting new growth around me, now to inject some colour into the scheme of things… without undertaking any painting.

We got the new bathroom done today, it will be finished up in a couple of days.  With that done I expect the spring cleaning bug will hit hard.  I do have to do some ironing and packing for our Easter weekend family gathering.  It is going to be so great to see everyone again, it has been too long.

Lunar eclipse tonight, hope to see it.Image 

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Happily Ever After

We stood at the top of a place that is sacred to both of us. We found the spirituality of the place an ideal place to begin the celebration of our life together.

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