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Autumn Days

September 2014 012My Sweetie and I found ourselves traveling the back acres of the countryside as machinery and men worked hard harvesting their crops.  The sun was high and warm, the air had just enough of a breeze to remind us the warmth of these autumn days  soon give way to frost and chillier times ahead.

On the home front, the gardens is being harvested, the freezer full,  rows of canning lining our pantry, and the root crops will soon be dug and stored in clean sand in the coolest part of our pantry. The warmth of the day can easily be interpreted as an opportunity for rest but wisdom reminds me frost, cold and snow can make their presence known without warning.

Time to pack away the sundresses, haul out the woolens and tweeds, turn the beds and put out the quilts as I prepare our home as a place of warmth and comfort for family and friends.

Autumn is another “New Year” and a celebration of the start of a new chapter with the promise of wonderful stories to come.

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Wedding Whoas*

“Well Mom, your dress is okay but I want you to get another one so my pictures will look nice forever.” Now ordinarily I wouldn’t mind fashion advice from my girls, but after already going through the tribulations of finding a dress for the wedding, I was less than pleased.

My daughter’s wedding has taken on a life of its own. I expect there to be some bumps in the road to the ‘event’ but 10 days before the event the bride has decided my fashion choice is not going to work with her vision… never mind that she has had a photo of me in the Mother of the Bride gown for several weeks, it is no longer part of her vision.  Of course I  bought another one, for 1/5th the cost of the original and will smile and pretend it is all just fine.

To be fair, I only just discovered the time of the ceremony and her choice for the colour scheme.  Either my baby girl has been deliberately vague or I should not be allowed to even feed myself without supervision. Knowing her  as I do, she never gave it a thought and truly believes I knew all along.

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Summer is quickly drawing to a close, school is open, routines are being established and very quickly we settle into more structured living. Harvest has begun for some, while others are assessing damage from the late summer storms.
While out doing errands and picking up groceries I noticed the retail outlets are decorating for hallowene. It seems as a society we are busy rushing to the next event or holiday and not stopping long enough to enjoy the here and now. I often wonder when we stop living in the moment and marveling at the here and now and race ahead to what is yet to come.
I have found a great online journal to save the moments, thoughts, ideas and so much more with Pinterest. I am a visual learner and think in pictures so this has become a pleasant pastime for me and inspires my creativity.

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