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I had to finally retire my old, coal powered computer and upgraded to this new electronic wonder.  It is a wonder because I wonder how to do what I want it to do. It has survived it’s first real test of durability when Itty Bitty Kitty(the behemoth of the family felines) managed a rather long nap on the keyboard.

A new printer was also in order as the scan function has now become a necessity, makes me wonder how we managed with carbon paper once upon a time.


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I am not talking about the traditional turkey stuffing we happily pile on our plates next to slices of turkey and ruby red cranberries, if it were only so.  No, my frame of reference is for the stuffed sinuses that are accented by the pulsing throbs of the pains in my forehead; that’s the stuffing I am referring to.  The only turkey I will be enjoying this Thanksgiving comes in soup form, with a few round noodles to take the place of the mound of steamy, buttery, mashed potato that I am supposed to be having. That glistening, ruby red will be in Jell-O form for my dessert.

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bday2October is a month of celebration for me. Obvious of course is Thanksgiving but couched in these days of gratitude are special family birthdays as well. I can think of nothing quite as worthy of thankfulness as the blessings of having loved ones in my life, near or far. Each life a miracle that I have been blessed to share.

My grand daughter, my God son, my son, my sister, my once father in law, my friends. Each one has touched my life in some way and each one a miracle. The only regret perhaps is the distance or circumstance that separates us whether geography, circumstance or other reason; how much fun it would be to spend time with them and celebrate with food, stories, shared and new memories and always a birthday cake!

Thanksgiving and gratitude; what a wonderful month for celebration.

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The days are getting noticeably shorter and I have a bit more urgency in the household tasks as I prepare for winter’s first blast.  The garden is done, the pantry is stocked, parkas and  gloves are cleaned and at the ready for the first blast of winter.  My days are now full with cleaning and getting our home ready so we are comfortable being indoors for these so many months to come.

Thanksgiving is quickly coming and we will gather with family to celebrate and plan our Christmas. I love this time of year as I count my blessings and renew my spirit with an attitude of gratitude.

Canadian Thanksgiving Celebrating the harvest

Canadian Thanksgiving
Celebrating the harvest

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