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Looking Back

New Year’s Eve is upon us and many people look back at the year that was while others look ahead to the year to come. Then there are those of us that do both. I can wax philosophic about the events that have transpired and make wishful promises to myself for a new me as I look forward. If history is any indication I will try to live a better life and really have strong intentions to do so but inevitably old habits will be fallen into.

I have started a new tradition for new year’s though and that is Beef Wellington for supper on New Year’s Eve, watching television specials on the year in review, watching the community fireworks at midnight (which I can do from my veranda) and to bed to sleep as long as I want on January 1st.

This coming year I will continue to have an attitude of gratitude and live each moment with appreciation.


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Christmas Countdown

Christmas gifts are wrapped and waiting for December 25th. The baking is done, the grocery items are purchased and all that is left is the fresh produce and dairy; now it’s an eye to the weather for travel plans. The grandchildren are doing their best to be good for Santa and I am enjoying every moment of the magic of the season through their eyes and experiences.  Having an opportunity to Skype certainly enriches the experience for all of us. I am looking forward to the day when we live closer to them, I want to be a part of their experiences for all the seasons. Children benefit so much from multi-generational interactions and in my experience, makes for a more well rounded individual.

I hope to get lots of pictures for my memory project and will immerse myself in their imaginative play and stories.

Christmas is for the young and the young at heart.10689433_761632790551896_7751944728028083621_n

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