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The sun was warm and bright today and the mood in the house was light.  My kitties were in and out, basking in the sun on the veranda and coming in to see if I had somehow dropped a roast chicken or broiled salmon on the floor by accident.  A very busy life for kitty cats indeed.

Fighting the urge to really delve into spring cleaning on anything but a superficial level I was surprised to see the time on the clock; it was almost supper time and I had not even thought about starting to prepare anything. I expect when next winter comes and daylight savings time ends I’ll start supper in the early afternoon, so clearly I should not be using the sun as my guide to meal times.



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I can feel the warmth in the sun these days, it stays light outside for longer and the seed catalogs are my primary reading material of late. These clues remind me spring is not far off. I have great garden and landscaping plans and will enjoy the fantasy for a few weeks more, until the reality of it all settles in.  I can not recall any garden plan that actually resembled my fantasy plan yet, perhaps this is the motivation gardeners have to try again next year.


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