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“Though she is small, she is strong”
I have always liked that sentiment because at 5 foot nothing, it has often been used to describe me.  Believing my own publicity backfired on me and has taught me yet another of life’s lessons, which has yet to completely gel in my thoughts yet. I managed to injure myself when hoisting an antique printing press onto a display table. The exertion left me feeling a bit ‘saggy’ in the muscles but that night the ramifications were made abundantly clear when my field of vision became obscured and I saw brilliant flashes of light, like my own star system.  I knew I had damaged my retina and without nearby medical assistance until the weekend was over I remained quite still and took my own advice to ‘take it easy.’  I was able to get in to see my optometrist who immediately organized events that would see me traveling to the city, a four hour car ride away, and into a retinal specialist.  I was immediately taken in for assessment and laser surgery to re-attach the retina. It hurt but I knew the pain would only be temporary and was a small price to pay to have my vision restored.

What makes this all the more dramatic is my aversion to any eye injury or disease.  I am a ‘Blinky McBlinkerson’ when it comes to the ocular. The staff were very kind and managed to get the appropriate drops and medications into my eye without difficulty no doubt due to their experience for which I am extremely grateful.

For the next week I am to take life easy, wear sunglasses when I go outside and ensure I am taking proper nutrition and vitamin supplements to enhance my ocular health. The optometrist who set it all in motion even phoned me today to check on my progress and inquire as to the surgery and ensure I was following my after care as well as answer any questions I might have.

I have a new appreciation for sight and will ensure I am thankful for the beauty I see each day.


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I have been in the mood to write for quite some time now and am asking myself some serious questions on what the repercussions of my writing will be on my family and friends.  My interests and my observations are as many and to focus on one just doesn’t seem to enough.  Either I write in notebooks or start blogs for my assorted passions and interests.  Time to do some serious thinking. My biggest fear is secondary traumatization that I do not want for my children only because children have a certain point of view of their parents.  We are parent’s, not individual people with a history other than the storybook version we want our children to believe.

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