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May two four, or May long is the unofficial start of summer for most Canadians.  Camp grounds are full, cabins are opened for the season and whatever the weather, we sit around our campfires and enjoy the change of pace from our every day lives.  It might rain, it might even snow, but we refuse to give in to the weather and convince ourselves the weather will get better in just a little while. I wouldn’t trade this experience for any thing!

Others use this first long weekend to plant their gardens, set up their patios, shop the greenhouses for their flowers and planters and a myriad of other ‘summer’ chores. I will be among them, taking part in the ritual of start of summer in Canada.



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The most astonishing thing happened to me recently, time stood still. Now physics would dispel that statement in a heartbeat but I have found ways to add minutes to hours and hours to my day. There was no magic formula or weird science involved at all and I think this might just be the way to live my life from here on.

I put our supper in the oven on a long slow cook and went about doing the usual household chores, making the bed, tidying the bathroom, sweeping the floor and straightening out the living room. When I heard the clock chime, only an hour had passed and I still had the rest of the day to do something.  My choice was to make myself a tall iced tea and sit and read a guided bible study for this day. I read a bit from a new book I indulged myself with.

Clock chimed again and only an hour had passed.  I decided to put a load of laundry on and then chose to iron the clothes that were folded in the laundry basket.  Wow, only half an hour passed and I still have the whole rest of the day ahead of me.  Time to venture into the yard. I picked up some debris left over from the winter and looked over the garden beds, mentally planning where I would plant what when the May long weekend arrives.

Here it is, most of the afternoon still waiting for me to enjoy. A cup of tea and back to my book.  My mind wondered why I had so much extra time and then the realization came! Without the convenience of ‘fast’ everything, chimes and bells ringing to remind me of the moments that whatever was done needed my attention, I had lots of time.

Now physically of course there was no extra time in my day but the hurriedness and rushing of the ‘instant’ labour saving devices were working for me and not against me. I can’t remember when I had such a sense of well being and calmness. When people long for the old days, I think they really need to master the speed of convenience our modern world affords us. They are both a blessing and curse but if we learn not to worry about the seconds, the minutes will stretch into hours and our time will be ours to claim once more.11174857_877408438969712_66517093008883550_n

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