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People are asking what’s wrong with kids these days? I’ll tell you; their parents are not doing their job of raising them.  There, I said it.  How many times do you hear that not all too common “F” word out of the mouths of children? Once is too often in my opinion.  Where are the boundaries of decency and acceptability? Parents should not be afraid of their kids hating them, suck it up Mom and Dad, you are the parent, not the friend.  They have peer appropriate friends and they need you to be their security and gate keeper.  How many parents dismiss the idea that kids should not have computers in their rooms, away from parental control.  How many children go to bed with electronics soothing them to stay in bed and eventually falling asleep? If your kid grows up to be a rude, crude, lazy, bully, secretive, under achiever then you are responsible for exactly what you raised.  Don’t try and tell me it takes a ‘village’ to raise that child, it takes fairness, responsibility, trustworthiness and safety. This dear parent is your opportunity to raise your children to be better than you were.  Parents want their children to have more than they did, now is your chance.  If you don’t say “No” how will your child learn boundaries and safety?  If you do not read to them, talk together as a family over the supper table, how will you know what is on their minds and how they think?  Quit being lazy and do your job.

Wellness encompasses, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and balance.  How are  you ensuring this for your child?

Now for the next kid that uses ‘that’ word, I have a bar of soap to help you clean up your language.

Rant over…

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For whatever reason this season of life has found me in thought about life.  Not the big questions but the little steps that carry me on my journey in life so far.  One thing is certain, in hindsight it has passed very quickly yet at the time I was aching to be a few birthdays older it seemed that day would never arrive.   Time drags when we are young and then races by faster and faster as we age.

In those snippets of time, ambleance became ambulance, gravery became gravy, alblums became albums and libary became library.  Those moments passed without notice yet each change signaled growth.

My little grand daughter shows her independence when she says, “I did it all my byself.”  How quickly time will pass and soon it will be “I did it all by myself.”  She of course is anxious to be ‘big’, I am equally anxious to keep her young and not rush this growing up season she is in.  All too quickly she will be grown and independent, embarking on her life’s journey, just as we all do.


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