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In Touch


Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Instant communication has allowed us to convey information, greetings and general chatter to those that we include in our electronic address books.  the downside of course is the lack of depth in those messages. A written letter conveys more depth and insight that our 140 character messages permit.

I love fountain pens, coloured inks and pretty papers. I have sealing wax and seals that I haven’t been able to use yet but am delighted to have them.  I tell myself I am going to sit and write a proper letter to this friend or that but never seem to find the right time.  I have an image of me seated in a comfortable chair at my antique writing desk, an inkwell and a choice of pens to share my feelings and thoughts.

The reality is my fountain pen generally gets replaced with low cost disposable pens, the inkwell has been replaced by ink cartridges (I will find my fountain pen someday) and the pretty paper is pretty much the standard 8X11 white copier paper.  I do have business size envelopes and a booklet of generic postage stamps; all together these do not inspire me to write anything.

Time to unplug and get back to my true self; but first I should check my Facebook page and my Pinterest account….


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