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Forever adapting and modifying my summer hobbies and chores to accommodate my mobility issues  has certainly sparked my creativity. I had the opportunity to paint or rather repaint garden gnomes, frogs and bugs for my neighbour; in return she used the weed trimmer all around the yard, under all the trees, and around my gardens.

The word gardens creates a more striking impression than it really is. I have three raised beds for gardening and one is exclusively for strawberries, the middle one is for salad fixings and the third one was for herbs.  There is a flower bed in the center of the yard that marks the beginning of the mini orchard we have planted.  Happily we had one serving of honeyberries off our little tree this year.  There were lots of blossoms for saskatoons but whether we get fruit is still to be determined.  The raspberry bushes are producing this summer so we might have enough for a few desserts.

It is also time to take care of home maintenance before winter once again returns for another visit. I am painting the decorative shutters as well as the doors in a Colonial Blue, though I admit the paint in the can looks more like a dark gray.  I guess I will be surprised either way.

The bushes in the front yard have finally gotten well rooted and thrived this spring, giving us beautiful, fragrant lilacs and the maple has grown so we should get some colourful leaves this autumn.

Like the ant and the grasshopper, I prefer to be the ant so this winter we can enjoy the season in comfort and warmth with the preserved fruits of summer to give us a taste of sunshine on the gloomy days.


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