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I have always been a winter person. Not the kind of winter person who embraces the snow and ice, skiing, skating and other winter pursuits. I am the type of winter person who is always preparing for winter. As I plant my garden in the spring I think about the food it will provide to get us through the winter. When I am looking for anything, I always have an eye out for how it will benefit us through the winter. I get anxious if the outside home repairs are not completed before September 1st, keeping an eye to the thermometer for that first killing frost. 11174857_877408438969712_66517093008883550_n

I believe the label given to people like me is a “nester” because I want my home to be warm, safe and full of wonderful things that make special memories.  Call me what you will, I will always be the ant and never the grasshopper; I don’t know if I could ever relax enough for that.

Living in a manufactured home I am without a basement or even a cellar, what I do have however is a wonderful area custom built pantry shelves just off my kitchen. I always feel a sense of relief when I see the shelves full with this year’s harvest and the bounty we have been blessed with.

Now where did I leave my paint brush? The shutters and trim need some ‘spiffing’ up.


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