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Close Call

fe85008a153bfa0075278de2c760e1efI found myself with the strongest urge to clean and reorganize today. I knew it was at a critical stage when I began to line up all the mugs into neat rows.  I was already planning how I could upgrade my pantry by using decorative containers and the latest in food storage containers. Pretty in the front and utility in the back. The vision was growing and seemed to be highlighted with dancing sunbeams on this idyllic scene. I looked out the window and it was still overcast and raining, the wind was bending the trees in the wind and I recognized the danger signals. Quickly I poured myself a cup of tea, grabbed a catalog and settled onto the sofa under a quilt and a cat by my side.

I am better now, not a single thought of cleaning or organizing anything. I haven’t had a close call like that since spring. I am hopeful this horrible incident will not repeat as the new fall programming is coming on the TV and there are lots of catalogs as companies try to persuade one to part with their money for that big commercial event called Christmas.



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