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4f63f52b28d212439408bbc7f186b563The countdown for Christmas is officially on in our home. Our village has Christmas Capers the last Saturday of November where vendors sell their wares in our community hall.  Our local Lion’s club serves up a pancake breakfast and the shoppers move on the see, sample and buy from the huge selection of goods being offered for sale.

I haven’t missed one since moving here and I count on it for buying the unique gifts I want to give my family.  Another huge bonus is the support for local businesses. I am a strong believer in fair trade, ethically produced, and local vendor goods. I see it as investing in my community and in the future for my grandchildren.

All this happiness and glitter however has one drawback; I enter hyper Christmas mode. Wrapping gifts, sending cards, planning pet and home care while we visit away and of course, the baking!

My Norwegian heritage has guided me throughout the years and I do not rest until I have baked 7 kinds of cookies. I am not sure when this tradition started in our family but it is one of those things that I carry on.

At some point in all this ‘glee’ I am bound to feel overwrought and want to hold up my HELP sign, so friends, when you see this signal, know I need a visit and a cup of tea while we test the cookies that are baked.


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