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My husband was taken to hospital by ambulance in critical condition about 2 weeks ago. Fortunately he is upgraded to serious but stable condition. His absence from our home and the responsibilities that he took care of have fallen to me by default. I am finally getting into a rhythm but I sure miss having someone here to share meals, chores, conversation, and yes, daily, weekly and monthly chores.

With no one here to cook for, toast and peanut butter counts as a hot meal. I find I use paper towels for plates and my go cup is continually filled with cold beverages that I prefer. I am beginning to understand why some people do not thrive on their own and I seem to be one of them.

I have always had someone to look after and enjoy taking care of people. I do miss my days as a nurse, but again I was able to look after someone.  In all that I do I have apparently not learned much about self care. What is it? What do I need to do? Does it cost a lot? Why should I if no one is around for me to care for?

My college attending grand daughter spent the weekend with me and I was over the moon happy to be cooking, doing her laundry, being an ear for her to open up and a ‘sage’ to offer her advice when it was asked for. Mostly I listened.

I have realized I might very well be on my own again in the not so distant future. I hate to even think about it and even harder to admit, but this has been a good test of what I will have to do then. I would advise anyone to start with self care so they can be able to care for others.

When I go visit hubby again tomorrow I will make a fuss and try to encourage and cheer him. That is my nature. I have also decided to seek some professional mental health help as well, step 1 in my self care journey.

I have my cat lady starter kit well in hand, done all the banking and business of the house, and am studying a program of specialty diets that will meet the requirement of my hubby’s needs. It can be hard to marry the heart to the head but my new union of same starts tomorrow.

Time for a new perspective.    995350_992045704175770_8448422194926653346_n



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