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vintage tipsLooking at my to – do list I have realized I need at least 6 more hours in my day to just get caught up. I am suffering from that nasty spring cleaning bug and my expectations greatly exceed my ability. Great ideas come to me, usually when I am trying to get to sleep. No shortage of ideas but a significant lack of ability.   I wish my children lived close by so they could come in and we could have a cleaning bee at each others homes. I have never figured out doing someonoe else’s dishes is more enjoyable than doing my own. This applies to laundry as well.

I check my email once a day, I check my Facebook every day, one time only so that doesn’t capitalize on my time. Then one day, I discovered Pinterest.  I don’t think there is anything left for me to Pin. I finally decided I would dust my books, one at a time and while I have it down from the bookcase I read or re-read to help me decide if I should keep it or put it in the gargage sale (the one I have planned for three years).



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