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The speed with which time is passing must be controlled by some unseen force that enjoys making life challenging at times. Summer is a very busy time for me but thanks to time travel I suddenly find myself living the same day over and over; I offer as evidence that I am about 2 months behind in where I should be by this time on the calendar.  I have chores for the summer that include food preservation for the coming fall and winter. These include making jams, jellies, pickles, and canning our fruits and vegetables.  The only thing I have accomplished is dehydrating herbs but that’s only because I forgot to bring in these delicate bouquets picked in early morning dew and manage to forget about them.  The hot sun of the day managed to dehydrate them, rendering my electric one unnecessary.  I had been determined to use it since I had unused from several years ago, purchased to make beef jerky; still waiting to make it.

In late summer I like to deep clean our home before we retreat inside for the cooler days ahead. I was forced to do this way ahead of my schedule.

Three days ago one of our cats brought in a live mouse. Sadly, it did not survive nor did it remains appear anywhere. Of course I thought the cat had a delicious cat meal with that mouse, my thought was negated by the stench of rotting rodent.  It became very strong and disagreeable. Living in the country, rodents are not a rarity in many homes, though not all have the benefit of feline assistance and rely on traps and poisons to control vermin.

I searched everywhere, following my nose and yet the source of the odor managed to elude me.  Nothing left to do but to pull everything apart and search for the origin of this stench. I found nothing.  Advice says follow your nose, which I did. Still no resolution. Not a mouse corpse to be found.

There was nothing left to clean, wash or disinfect. Nothing remained untouched.  Life had to go on in spite of my best efforts.

As I moved our portable dishwasher to the sink, our marmalade cat hopped up on the top for his favourite time, riding the dishwasher.  I am certain kitty has no idea about distance because it is a short ride. I have no idea when he decided it was  something he loves to do.  As I wrested the big, white beast to hook up at the sink, the smell got even worse.  I shook the great, white beast once again and sure enough, out falls a rodent carcass. It had been hiding in the  insulation around the motor of the dishwasher.  I think it likely had a heart attack while feeling safe in this makeshift nest but the constant attention of three cats was likely the culprit. I removed the carcass, sadly I have had a lot of experience with this but they are usually a fresh kill, then proceeded to clean everything with bleach water and disinfectant spray.

The silver lining, the cleaning is done and I have free time coming up this fall.  As a matter of note, the pet door is now sealed and I let the DRC’s (dirty rotten cats) in and out through our screen door. My little way of being in charge of what comes in and out of our home.

By the way, the house smells clean and fresh with a hint of citrus.


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